Quests are required to become a higher level player or an immortal on
PixieMud. Beginners can choose from the following adventures:

Visit an old Gypsy in the carnival to have her read your fortune.


Long ago, a pirate died in a shipwreck, but his soul is trapped
in this world. You must find him and help him pass on. Deep
in a forest across the plains is a salty sea cove. Rumor
has it that the ghost has been seen there.


Rid PixieMud of all Smurfs and destroy the evil Smurf generator.


Leo the Archwizard wants his stolen diamond returned from the evil cave


Retrieve the Orc Slayer from the evil orc Shaman, and give it to Leo.


Seek out the Jutzuka near the land of the dead and lay his
spirit to rest.

Save the unicorns from the evil wizard in the clouds.


Destroy the creature of the night. Start with a whistle and an icepick.


Journey to Anagram Land and solve everyone's problems.
Start with a doddering old man named Nafbiz.


Journey to Theelf Woods and help Leaf the Druid recover his sword.


We recommend that high level players attempt the following quests:


Journey to the future and seek out Merlyn of Ergoth and ask him about
his quest.


Destroy the old and evil Priest Sect by giving the
once so powerful diamond to the ex-head-priest of
the sect, Overlord.


Journey ye, down the trail of Dreams,
seeketh out, the foul Drakes' steam
Seven against many, seven from one,
undo the damage that they have done.


Help the Platinum dragon recover his talisman. Begin in the
Castle of Dragons.


View the Palantir of Orthanc.


Become the Greatest Figure in Sports in the year 1996.
To do this, you must defeat the current champion.


In the castle AAARRRRGGGGHHH, in 1997, a king has been
imprisoned, and his crown taken! Help restore him to
his former glory. Ask his last remaining loyal servant
about the King.


The black city of R'lyeh once again rises from the depths. With
it rises Great Cthulhu. Prevent this from happening and ensure
that it never happens again. You must do this before Cthulhu
awakens and destroys the world. You will need the help of some
of the creatures you meet during your travels but be cautious;
examine carefully a hand extended in frendship, it may not be
what it seems. To begin seek a fellow explorer in the northern


Great peril has arisen in the land of Elcron! Liberate
The kingdom, by solving the mysteries of its sphere.


Become a member of the PixieMUD Best Mudders Club. Begin by
getting a list from the Best Mudders club near the church.
This quest is only required if you attempt to become an
immortal wizard.