Real Name: Trev
E-Mail: Log into Pixie and ask him!

Xoltrix has been playing PixieMUD since 1998.

Guilds Xoltrix has belonged to:

He heard about PixieMUD from:
The Mud Connector.

Xoltrix's Personal Profile:
I'm a 20 year old college student that's currently working.
heh heh heh. I live in the great place of Ontario Canada,
on Georgain bay.. *best place to be*
oh.. and I'm a mud addict too.. ;)

Xoltrix's Character Profile:
Before you is a tall extremely battle hardened Dracon. This
dracon is from a far off land where he is known as a
great warrior of Gateway. After conqurering the beasts
of evil he's moved on to the next stage.. pixiemud. This
warrior is more then happy to help out others whether
they're higher or lower in level. *newbie friendly* :)

May death never come knocking on your door!