Real Name: Greg

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Toon has been playing PixieMUD since 1998.

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He heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend


Toon's Personal Profile:
I'm a Seattlite, whizzing through space above the Earth at thousands
of miles per hour. Wait.. no, wrong 'e' position. Actually I get rained
on, I drink espresso, I'm a 25 year old computer programmer / program
manager (i.e. I'm adept at using the meaningless weasel words of management,
but don't actually believe in them). I have a lovely wife, two dogs,
two cats, and quite a lot of shed hair all over everything else I have.

Toon's Character Profile:
From a side view, the smooothly sloping contours of ego are broken
up by the jagged peaks of self-ridicule before plunging into
the murky depths of an unexamined unconscious.

Oh, you wanted a profile of my _mud_ character? Big nosed, forgetful,
sometimes manic, stupidly named. A champion of all that is right and
good in the world! Unless evil pays better that day.

Toon even has a story to tell:
Yeah, there was that one time... and the hedgehog, and
then he... and she said "what about the rubber chicken?"...
and we thought... but then... a 68020 microprocessor! We all
busted up laughing. I'll never forget that moment of camaraderie.
I will treasure it, replaying it over and over in my mind as I
sit in my rocking chair during my twilight years, drooling all over myself.