Real Name: Jason
E-Mail: Log in to Pixie Mud and ask him.

Raiden has been playing PixieMUD since 1998.

Guilds Raiden has belonged to:
Undead, Ranger, Druid

He heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend


Raiden's Personal Profile:
What do you want to know?

Raiden's Character Profile:
Raiden likes to think he's funny.
He gives money to newbies like a dumbass w/o knowing if they plan on staying.
He must want an army of worshippers or something. He also tries
to be a hardass at times (and fails) - he would like to see those
that have problems w/ others stick around and fight for a few of reasons.
1) It makes things more interesting.
2) There should be an arena for groups to fight in.
3) It would provide a much needed boost to the gambling industry.
Raiden wants to max everything (all guilds, all quests, stats, and skills),
play a while longer and wiz then lobby for the following manifestions:
1) Houses and Inns
2) World2
3) Jedi Guild
4) A Clan System
5) Clubs listed seperately (especially slug dammit)
Wants to see a bigger mud w/ a little corruption.
Oh and wants more fudd kills, money, and time as a player than anyone else
thats all for now...

Raiden even has a story to tell:
Not really..
Veni. Vedi. Vici. = I Drank. I Puked. I Staggered.