Real Name: Kelley
E-Mail: Just log into PixieMUD and ask her.

Minx has been playing PixieMUD since 1992.
Minx has been a Wizard on PixieMUD since 1992.

Guilds Minx has belonged to:
Druid and Valkyrie.

She heard about PixieMUD from:
Pixie and I were roommates in 1991. After I had my baby in 1992 and was at home alone with the him all day, I decided to try this MUD that I knew she had started. I was hooked, and the rest is history.


Minx's Personal Profile:

I'm a Seattle gal in my mid-20's (does 28 still count as "mid"?) who's been transplanted to Texas by my dear husband, Swordmaster, who I met in 1993 on PixieMud. I have a wonderful 6 year old boy, Matthew, who's in first grade and keeps me plenty busy. I recently quit my full time job with a state agency and decided to prostrate myself to the higher mind and return to college for that ever-elusive degree.


Things Minx has Coded:
Minx's Cosmos...the BEST newbie area ever to exist on a MUD... ;)
My baby is the scavenger hunt to which new items are constantly being
put in the mix. (players just love it when I do this). Quests are my
area of expertise but I most of all love creating new soul commands.

Minx's special PixieMUD or Pixie People moment:
Truth or dare in Chrysis's workroom...
PixieCons at Snarf's house in Seattle...
Coffee at Overlake Denny's with Hamster and Iced...
Visiting Swordmaster in Texas for the fist time and meeting
Punkenman, Jslick, Guardian, Saufferin, Mikeh, Tygra, Gwenbolynne,
Sioned, Tigerlily, Cathoris, Grunt, Sib, Hanse and Student...
My wonderful recent visit from our resident rodent, Hamster. Too many
memories packed into those 10 days to list....hurry up October 99!

Hey Minx, What's in store for PixieMUD?
Hopefully in the not too distant future, some closed guilds will be
reopening, and old "legacy" guilds will be receiving critical updates.
And hold on to your hats, because these guilds may all have active
GuildMasters. In general, I'm looking forward to making PixieMud more
newbie friendly with a variety of hooks for new players while we
continue to be a gathering spot for all PixieMudders, young and old.