Real Name: Joe

Megas has been playing PixieMUD since 1991.

Guilds Raptor has belonged to:
High Druid, Monk, Dragon, Druid

He heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend


Megas' Personal Profile:
: PixieMUD was my first MUD, and the only one I played much. I started my first
year in undergrad, and played until 2 years ago when I maxxed out all of my stats and
skills. As many other people here, I also live in Seattle.

Megas' Character Profile:
I started out as a Druid, but then became a Monk back when they were one
of the most powerful classes. After the Monks were severely crippled to
"make them balanced" I joined the High Druids. Bonked monsters over the
head with the staff, but that got too slow. Then one day, I paid Maniac (a Dragon)
some outrageous amount of gold to band when him as he killed the Heron monster.
I got received 1 million exp. I became a Dragon. I killed the Avatar and Striders
in 10-15 minutes...repeatedly. I maxxed out everything. Then one day, I died,
dropped to level 18, and found out they closed some quest and retroactively
removed quest points. Now I'm stuck at level 18 because I am not going to
do more quests (anyone want the 2 million extra exp. I have sitting around?).

Megas even has a story to tell:
: I was on that fateful night when PixieMUD went down. I had just
become a dragon a few days ago and was kicking some serious butt, then
I heard PixieMUD was going away. I thought it was a joke. It made me
a bit depressed and irritated when I discovered it was true. It was nice to
see it come back up a year or two later. Too bad PixieMUD's glory days
have passed, when there were 30 people logged on and it took 2 minutes
for each command to register because of the lag.
It was a lot more fun back then.