Real Name: John

Jslick has been playing PixieMUD since 1991.
Jslick has been a Wizard on PixieMUD since 1993.

Guilds Jslick has belonged to:
High Druid and Druid

He heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend.


Jslick's Personal Profile:
I'm a regular guy with a wonderful wife, two wonderful kids, and
a wonderful life. It's a wonderful life.

Things Jslick has Coded:
A few rooms, an unfinished chess game.


Jslick's special PixieMUD or Pixie People moment:
I've made many friends that I hope to grow old with.

Hey Jslick, What's in store for PixieMUD?
I've been out of it for so long I don't even know what's out there any more.