Real Name: Janet.
E-Mail: Just log into PixieMUD and ask her.

Hamster has been playing PixieMUD since 1991.
Hamster has been a Wizard on PixieMUD since 1992.

Guilds Hamster has belonged to:
Druid and High Druid.

She heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend.


Hamster's Personal Profile:

"The hamster's most fascinating feature is, of course, her
cheek pouches, into which she can stuff a truly incredible
amount of food. When her pouches are full, and her head
ballooned to double its size, she resembles no other
creature in this world...."

This Is True.

It is also lifted from "Your First Hamster" by Peter Smith, whith liberal editing so that I don't have a gender crisis.

Things Hamster has Coded:
A little of this, a little of that. I've got all sorts of
odd things stashed in my habitrail (including my hubbins).
My current project is the new section of Pixiton, north of
the church that we all know so well. Treehouse: in action.
Karnaugh's Stables: Coming Soon to a Pixieton Near You.

Hamster's special PixieMUD or Pixie People moment:
Aren't they all special? It's awfully nice to log in to a
resounding, "Haaaaaaaaaamie!" each day.

The most important two days of my mudlife, however, were
back in the late fall of '91 when I was streaked by a
passing dragon in the grid wars game, and then May 31,
1992 (2:00 pm PST!) when I mudmarried my sweetie. Er, that
would be the aforementioned dragon, of course. The most
important day of my regular life was June 18, 1994 (1:00
pm that time) when I married him for real.

Other significant moments on and off line include wizzing
(June '92), meeting a whole crowd of folks at Snarf's that
same summer and various and sundry other folks on other
occasions around the same time, rediscovering Pixie in the
fall of '97 and Coming To Texas!! to see Minxypoo for the
First Time in Years.

Hey Hamster, What's in store for PixieMUD?
Good Times to be Had By All! A new and vibrant town core,
with lots to do for young and old alike; a continuation of
our current cheerful ambience, added and abetted by our fun
loving players (bless their pointy little heads); a more
playable newbie introduction; and things that will Surprise
and Delight You!

Do Try This At Home - These People are NOT Actors!