Real Name: Mary Ellen or Emmy
E-Mail: Just log in and ask her.

Essence has been playing PixieMUD since 1992.

Guilds Essence has belonged to:
Bards, Dragons, Ranger, Druid, and High Druid

She heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend


Essence's Personal Profile:
I live in the 'Rain Capitol', that's right Seattle. (At least the music
is good) Currently I am a Full Time Student at a community college,
attempting to gain a degree in a techinal program so I can make some money. =)
One day I would like to move back to the east coast (Virginia) where I
am from but until then, I will keep my rubber boots and umbrella handy.
Come check us out at Pixiemud!

Essence's Character Profile:
Essence has the look of Rapheal's cherubs. Her twinkling brown/gold eyes
and dimpled smile are readily shared with those that do not bug her.
Some say she is sassy and arguementive, but they are wrong. *wink*
In truth, she does enjoy a good arguement as long as it is not over something stupid.
But Reter said: "she is the sweetest person in the whole wide world."
You may not believe he said that but Essence had lots of witnesses. =>
==Gotcha Reter. *mgrin*==

Essence even has a story to tell:
When I was leaving college in 1993, I decided to get everyone's
addresses so I could keep in touch. One person in particular pointed out
that he and I had never spoken to each other. (I know it was because he
did not really care for me. *wink) But he gave me his address anyway.
One night..when no one else was home, I called him and he has not left
me alone since. He and I are not only married on the mud,but irl
too..twice. But he is wonderful, he still lets me flirt, not that he
really has any choice about it.