Real Name: Tim
E-Mail: Log into PixieMUD and ask him.

Deintyranox has been playing PixieMUD since 1998.

Guilds Deintyranox has belonged to:

He heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend


Deintyranox's Personal Profile:
I am 16 (I have no qualms about the cussing however). I live
in Indiana, listen to alternative music, and like sports,
especially hockey (which I've never played) and soccer.
cant think of anything else. Ask me if you can.

Deintyranox's Character Profile:
I am a kind dracon, willing to help, and willing to get help :)
(just screwing aorund). I am not exactly the most battle-
ready player, although I try to fight as much as I can.
If and when I complete a quest, it is usually because I
accidentally stumbled on it. It will most likely be a LONG
time of playing before I wiz. Once I do, I think I could
give some pretty damn good ideas, some which I already have
(one prob: me know no coding:)). And by now I think I'm
just taking up time and space! :) <-those getting annoying

Deintyranox even has a story to tell:
Once upon a time, in a mud far, far away lived a...nah!
I can't think of anything exciting. Guess Deintyranox's life
just sucks:)