Real Name: Erik

Artagel has been playing PixieMUD since 1992.
Artagel has been a Wizard on PixieMUD since 1992.

Guilds Artagel has belonged to:
Warmage and Druid

He heard about PixieMUD from:
It was sooo long ago, Art cant remember.


Artagel's Personal Profile:
When I started at PixieMUD I was a graduate student in chemistry
at the University of Chicago. Since then I have been to law school
at Northwestern University, and am an attorney in a law firm in
downtown Chicago. I specialize in intellecual property law,
especially focussed on patent law.

Things Artagel has Coded:
My area is just south of the adventurer's guild, most of that
was coded in 1992. After that I worked on documentation, with
documentations on the coding of rooms, and monsters being foremost.
My documentation worked warranted my promotion to senior,
whereupon I took up sponsoring. My sponsorees varied enormously,
but were all a lot of fun.
(Jesse, Maggi, Bouncer, Droog, Grunt and others)

I have had a hand in a number of projects. As a senior I helped
Heron modify the core files to handle the skills system. The skill
daemon in its current form solved many of the lag problems we had.
I helped Caper convert many of the objects in /obj to
inherit /std/Object.c including weapon and armor files.

Most recently I have handled the driver installations, and the coding
of the simul_efun object to allow the old 3.1.2-DR library to run
under a recent LPMud driver. The security system which handles
file accesses came from Tubmud, but I installed it into the current lib.

Pretty much everything I have done I owe to Bellem, Caper, Fantasma,
Crom, Heron, and Naylor. (Naylor, whatever his faults, was very
supportive of me when I was about level 1500-1800)

Artagel's special PixieMUD or Pixie People moment:
Well, I guess there was my one demotion. I had coded an object which
had a loop to clone and deliver an object to an unsuspecting person.
I asked BTE if he wanted a million bucks. So, I commanded the object
to deliver 1000000 "bucks" to BTE. BTE was not amused, and my
level decended rapidly. Despite crashing the game, Random was
mightily amused and promoted me back to above my old level right
away. That's the spirit of the old PixieMUD I guess.

Hey Artagel, What's in store for PixieMUD?
PixieMUD was at the forefront of encouraging creative
communication, and I think can build on that. The emotes,
channels, and general outlets of communication have always
been constructive and low on spell points for most purposes.
I think encouraging a creative communicative atmosphere
is what we do best, and that's where we will go.