Real Name: Helen

Alhanna has been playing PixieMUD since 1991.
Alhanna has been a Wizard on PixieMUD since 1993.

Guilds Alhanna has belonged to:
Warmage, Undead, High Druid, and Druid

She heard about PixieMUD from:
A Friend.


Alhanna's Personal Profile:
What am I now? Well, Im 26 (noooo!!!!) and working as a
SysAd for a UK university. In my spare time I throw
disembodied teddy bear entrails about the local countryside,
and hunt Smurfs. They really exist! They're everywere!
*twitch* *twitch*.

Things Alhanna has Coded:
Not a huge amount that got fully finished, unfortunately,
though I was working with Chrysis on a huge Githyanki castle
in the astral plane. Alas the upheavels back then meant that
the project was never finished :(

Alhanna's special PixieMUD or Pixie People moment:
The 1st day I became a wizard! I'd made it to the top. I'd
slaughtered BTE's guards for the final time and done all
the necessary quests! Heck, I'd even done Mikes mindlessly
annoying Warmage quest without losing my sanity. So I'd
made it! I was welcomed into the fold by Chrysis and then
wiz-zapped in under 2 seconds by someone who shall remain
nameless :) I thought it was funny, but Chrys did a great
Krakatoa impresonation ;)

Hey Alhanna, What's in store for PixieMUD?
PixieMud has a long and excellent past, and the potential
to go a long way forward. It has the old die-hards and new
hands mixed all together into a melting pot and if it can
mold them all into a PixieMud for the year 2000 and beyond
it'll have done us all proud :)